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Accommodation options

Options for everyone.

Our accommodations options span across Canada. We have accommodation available in all 10 provinces. We’ll find the perfect fit for you.


Homestay accommodation is a form of accommodation where a host family will take you in their home. You will have a private bedroom and will share the rest of the house with your family. Homestay plans usually include meals so you won’t have to cook yourself. We recommend this option for anyone who wants to ease their transition into a new culture.

Monthly stays starting at $950

Your own apartment or house

We will look for an apartment or house just for you. This option is ideal for those traveling with their families. If you need a custom solution, we will deliver it for you, just let us know your requirements and we will have your house/apartment ready at your arrival.


Monthly stays vary in price

Student residences

This option is ideal for international students looking to mingle with other students. You will share a house/apartment with other people your age while having the privacy of your own room. Think of it like college dorms within the city.

Monthly stays starting at $1,000

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